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Applicant Acknowledgement

I understand that if I am offered a position with Domino's Pizza d/b/a Dream Team Pizza or a subsidiary or affiliate thereof (the “Company”), I will be given an Arbitration Agreement to sign.  Consent to the Arbitration Agreement means that, except as otherwise provided in the Arbitration Agreement, I agree that any employment-related legal dispute I may have with the Company including, but not limited to, any dispute concerning my application, employment, or the termination of my employment, must be resolved exclusively through arbitration.  If I am offered employment, I understand that I will be provided an Arbitration Agreement that fully defines the disputes that are covered, describes the procedures for arbitration, and provides information on obtaining the rules and procedures that would govern any arbitration procedure so that I may review these rules and procedures.  The Arbitration Agreement will have an opt-out provision that allows me to opt-out of the Arbitration Agreement within thirty (30) days of signing it.


I understand and acknowledge that I will be asked to execute an Arbitration Agreement if I am offered employment.  At that time I will be provided a copy of the Arbitration Agreement and have thirty (30) days following my execution in which to opt-out of arbitration.  If I do not opt out in writing, I will be covered by the Arbitration Agreement.

Thank you for submitting your application for employment with Dream Team Pizza! Someone will reach out to you within 24 hours upon submission.

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