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Business Expense Reimbursement Request Form

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Complete this form to obtain approval from                                 to incur business expenses. You should attach any documentation justifying the expenses with your request. YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS FORM AND ANY SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION TO WYATT GUTHRIE, DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES, AND RECEIVE WRITTEN APPROVAL BEFORE INCURRING THE EXPENSES IDENTIFIED.

In unusual cases, the aforementioned company will consider reimbursement for expenses incurred without advanced written approval but you must submit this form, an explanation of why advance approval could not be obtained, and any supporting documentation to Wyatt Guthrie, Director of Human Resources, within 3 days of the date the expenses were incurred.


Identify the business expense, and the date it was incurred;  provide a detailed explanation the basis for your quest to incur the business expense;   provide the exact amount requested;   upload supporting documentation. 


Forms not providing the requested information and documentation will not be seen as valid.

Supporting Document 1
Supporting Document 2
Supporting Document 3

I certify that the above statements are true and accurate.

Thank you for submitting a Business Expense Reimbursement Request Form. A decision based upon your request will be made within 14 business days. Please contact Wyatt Guthrie, Director of Human Resources, should you have any questions regarding this form or the follow up process.

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